Food & Beverages

The Tri-Seal division has a range of liner materials for food and beverage products: Tri-Seal, EVA, Tri-Shield and the newly developed Tri-Ox material.

  • The Tri-Seal materials are co-extruded foamed materials and they provide the resiliency needed for sealing and the solid PE facings prevent evaporation and product penetration. Tri-Seal is available in 3 densities and the thickness can range from 0,75 mm. up to 2,50 mm.
  • EVA, which is ethylene vinylacetate, is a very flexible liner material. EVA is mostly used for beverages because of its excellent sealing properties and it assures very consistent application and removal torque values.
  • Tri-Shield is a co-extruded high barrier material with solid layers: it prevents oxygen from entering into the package and at the same time the CO2 gas is retained into the bottle. With a Tri-Shield liner, a longer shelf-life time is delivered.
  • Tri-Ox is a newly developed high oxygen-barrier material. The Tri-Ox liner material is appropriate for the aluminium wine screw cap closures and has very neutral organoleptic characteristics. Tri-Ox is halogen free ( no PVC nor PVdC) and contains no metals. Tri-Ox can be used as liner for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products as well, as long as a high barrier is needed.
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