Household Products

The Tri-Seal division can offer following liner materials for household products: the foamed Tri-Seal materials, PS-22 and one-piece induction seal materials:

  • Tri-Seal materials are co-extruded foamed materials, available in 3 densities and in several thicknesses. Tri-Seal provides an excellent sealing material as it will compensate for the imperfections on the bottle neck.
  • PS-22 material is a pressure-sensitive material. It gives a seal to the bottle neck or to the jar rim at room temperature by pressure only. It is a very good seal for dry products and for creams. The PS material can be applied to all kind of packaging materials, even to glass. A high barrier pressure sensitive material is also available, under the code TS PS/10.
  • The TS PPE/1 and the TS PE/1 materials are one-piece induction seal materials to both polyethylene and to polypropylene containers and assures a tamper-evident seal.


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