High barrier films and foils for pharmaceutical packs: a complete range of thermoformable sheet, lidding foils, flexible films and pouch material.

Tekni-Films is totally focused on pharmaceutical blister film materials. We offer a global network of production sites producing films in cleanroom. Our multiple production locations and dual sourcing strategy for raw material suppliers assure the highest level of supply guarantee. All our products are made to the same specifications and same formulations world-wide. Tekni-Films have the capability to provide a single-source blister solution from concept to completion. You can also visit our global website www.tekni-films.com.

1. Production sites all over the world

In order to achieve a more efficient and easier production of our blister films, we have a team of experts spread over four continents. Our films and experience are preceded by our reputation, earned over the past decades, of offering an outstanding service and having great problem-solving abilities. Our production plant are located in the United States (Somerville, New Jersey), Europe (Erembodegem, Belgium), the Far East (Sun A. Kaken, Japan) and South-America (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

2. Cleanroom production

In 2001, Tekni-Films commissioned an industry-first, Class 100.000 cleanroom blister lamination and conversion facility in Erembodegem, Belgium, to serve pharmaceutical companies in Europe and Middle East. To date all our production facilities meet the same standard.

3. Two suppliers of PCTFE

PCTFE is a polymer with a high moisture barrier and thus the most suitable material for pharmaceutical blisters. Tekni-Films has strong relationships with the two sole manufacturers in the world of this PCTFE, which is considered a pharmaceutical industry standard. On the one hand there is the registered trademark ACLAR, provided by Honeywell (US) and on the other hand there is VAPOSHIELD, provided by Daikin (Japan). The two brands are completely interchangeable being 100% homopolymer PCTFE films. They are chemically and physically equivalent and have the exact same Moisture Vapor Transmission Rates (MVTR).

4. One global formulation of PVC

PVC is usually the product contact layer, so the PVC has to comply with all international standards and regulations of Europe, the US and Japan (e.g. Ph.Eur., FDA, EU Food Contact, Japanese Food and Sanitation Law,…). This means that our global PVC formulation can be used all over the world.
PVC can be used for different applications, namely for mono-PVC, for a laminated structure with PCTFE or for the base of PVdC. On top of that we have several suppliers for our PVC-film (unique process in the world) and it is perfectly thermoformable.

5. Not just blister foil, also lidding foil

Tekni-Films offers a wide range of peelable and weld-seal lidstock, from child-resistant aluminum/paper lidding foils to custom peelable foils for any blister application. This unique capability delivers matched top and bottom web films and foils for predictable performance and superior quality. We also offer unsupported aluminum lidding foils from soft to hard temper. Printing is done with in-house rotogravure capabilities of up to 4 colors and Flexo-gravure of up to 8 colours.

6. Cold Form Foil (CFF)

Tekni-Films has beside thermoformable blister films also Cold Form Foil. CFF is typically used in pharmaceutical and medical packagings which require the highest barriers against moisture and oxygen.

7. In-house co-extrusion of PP.COC.PP

Tekni-Plex is the only company that offers the in-house co-extrusion of PP.COC.PP. This type of films is cheaper and of a better quality than the traditional laminates. Medical trays or blisters of COC are highly rigid and can easily be combined with our peelable lidding foils.

8. Product range :

• Mono-PVC
• PVdC: standards are 40, 60 and 90 gsm in duplex or triplex
• CFF: for all blisters PVC/ALU/oPA
• COC and mono-PP films: an alternative for blister foils without PVC (halogen free)
• PP
• Lidding foils
• Pouch films
• Flexible films for liquids (water and solvent based).
• PETG / PCTFE and PETG / EVOH / PCTFE laminates.

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