For over 50 years, Colorite is a leader in developing and manufacturing plastic compounds for the medical device industry.

Our division headquarters is located in Ridgefield, NJ, with state-of-the-art medical-grade facilities in Ridgefield/USA, Sparks/USA and Belfast/ N. Ireland. With these 3 medical compounding plants, Colorite is strategically located to consistently deliver the highest standard of vinyl compounds to medical customers throughout the world.

Colorite Europe Ltd. offers a full line of PVC & TPE compounds for medical use. We constantly work with our customers to develop new compounds that can meet specific needs, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency. Belfast is also the site of our European Research and Development Centre where we have all the facilities to customise and develop new products. We continually introduce new product formulations to the marketplace of which our TPE family of materials is one of the most recent ones. We also have a range of cost-effective replacements for other materials like silicone or latex.

Colorite probably has one of the widest ranges of medical formulations available in the market, which includes extrusion and injection moulding grades, soft and rigid materials, DEHP-free and PVC-free (TPE) formulations as well as self frosting and silicone replacement materials.

At Colorite, we take pride in customising our materials to your exact application and need, resulting in tailor-made solutions with the highest possible machinability. In an industry where compound quality defines medical safety, Colorite Europe continues to set the standards by operating a dedicated medical plant. Product reliability and consistency answer our customers’ ever increasing demands. Add to this our dedicated customer service and international sales force, and you may understand why so many medical device manufacturers prefer to work with Colorite.

Wherever you are, whatever your need, ask Colorite.

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