Physical Properties TEKNIFLEX® MED

High transparency and flexibility, puncture resistance, sealability, autoclaveability

TEKNIFLEX® MED is an unconventionally extruded polypropylene based flexible film that has excellent clarity compared to conventional tubular PP films. The film shows little shrink, up to 140°C in MD and TD. The film is suitable for steam sterilization at 121°C, is puncture and tear resistant, heat sealable and has high moisture barrier properties. The film is plasticizer and halogen free.

TEKNIFLEX® MED is constituted of three co-extruded polyolefin layers. For perfect heat sealability, the outside layer is heat resistant, while the product contact layer is melting at a lower temperature to be able to seal to another inner layer. The core layer provides the flexibility, making it a soft, yet tough film that is puncture and tear resistant. The elongation at break is surprisingly high in both MD and TD. The dimensional stability, both tested after autoclaving and at 140°C for 10 minutes, is also very high.

TEKNIFLEX® MED is available as a single wound flat sheet or as a double wound seal-to-seal reel. The latter ensures perfect cleanliness up to point of assembly. The film can be slit to the desired width of the customer.


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