No employee, contractor or visitor shall at any time violate any procedures or rules that potentially present a life-threatening situation. These procedures and rules include the following:

  1. Knowingly bypass, disable or remove a safety guard, safety interlock, light curtain or safety monitoring device (including gas, heat, flame and toxics detectors).
  2. Knowingly not follow the procedures for key safe work practices, including lockout/tagout, hot work, fall protection, confined space entry, electrical safety, operation of powered industrial vehicles, and other specified site-specific procedures.
  3. Failure to properly wear required life-critical personal protective equipment (including safety belts/harnesses/lanyards, respirators, electrical safety PPE) in areas where required.
  4. Unauthorized use of powered industrial vehicles, including fork lifts, scooters, scissor lifts, articulating arm lifts, automobiles, trucks and construction equipment.

Following the review of the alleged violation, confirmed violations of any Cardinal Safety Rules will result in disciplinary action for the employee, up to and including termination of employment. The disciplinary action will be consistent with the requirements of any labor contracts and local legislation. The procedures and rules listed above are not all inclusive, and situations other than those mentioned above may be included if they are considered to present a life-threatening hazard.

Violations by contractors and visitors will result in their immediate removal from the Tekni-Plex workplace, until the matter can be properly addressed and resolved.

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