Sustainable plastic projects: not a drop in the ocean!

In between the regular Covid reports, you will probably have picked up on this other, hotly debated item in your daily news bulletin over the past few months: ‘Plastics are bad for the environment’.

And it’s true. When improperly disposed of, they can cause serious environmental issues: they are lightweight, so they can float in water; they are flexible and tough, so they don’t break; and they are extremely durable, so they don’t just disappear into thin air.

But what if you were told that if used properly, plastics can actively help save the environment?

Take for instance the Micro Drip System from world renowned, German garden tool manufacturer Gardena. Consisting of an ingenious combination of plastic tubes, connectors and droppers, this system helps gardeners all over the world save up to 70% in their water consumption!

If you know that droughts and insufficient access to fresh water will very likely become one of the great threats of the 21st century, it’s easy to see how this system can have a huge, positive impact on our environment.

It’s for this reason that Gardena’s Micro Drip has been nominated as one of the prime contestants for the 2021 German Sustainability Award Design, one of Germany’s highest awards for sustainable projects.

We at Tekni-Plex are of course rooting for our customer, Gardena, and are proud that we are able to contribute our little part (a tube!) to the environmental and industrial success story that is the Micro Drip System!

Check out the Gardena Micro Drip System and all other, great and innovative projects that have been nominated for the German Sustainability Award Design in the links below!

German Sustainability Award Design 2021 Nominees

Gardena Micro Drip

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