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You are currently in the section of the Tekniplex website dedicated to whistleblower reports. A whistleblower is someone who notices violations of financial laws overseen by Tekniplex, and reports these violations to the company. Whistleblowers, also known as "reporters," can help identify wrongdoings that are then addressed by Tekniplex.

The Whistleblowers Contact Point is not for filing complaints as a customer with a financial institution, nor for identifying personal conflicts with employers or business partners. There are other communication channels available for consumer inquiries and complaints, both inside and outside Tekniplex. An overview of these agencies and their specific roles can be found on the Tekniplex website.

Tekniplex ensures the confidentiality of the identity of reporters. Whistleblower reports can also be made anonymously. The law provides protection for individuals who report a violation to Tekniplex in good faith.

Reports must allow Tekniplex to investigate the facts. Therefore, the facts must be described accurately and in detail and, if possible, supported by documentary evidence.

Reports can be made through various channels: through the Whistleblowers Contact Point on this website, by telephone, in writing or during a face-to-face meeting.

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