About us


Let's step back in time and explore the milestones, successes, and challenges that have shaped us into who we are.

Welcome to our past - a source of inspiration for today and tomorrow.


The company was started in 1967 in a Ghent bottle blowing plant, nv SEP, which was part of Dart Industries Inc. (USA), by Ir. John Vyncke.

In 1968 this new division moved to the ex-Tupperware factory at Erembodegem and was renamed Action Plastic and Rubber co.


In 1973, the company moved to the Third Industrial Zone of Erembodegem, right next to the E40.

This is still the current location.


In 1978 a name change was made and the company was called Action Technology Co to be renamed Action Technology Belgium SA a few years later, in 1984.


Since 1998, Action Technology has been part of the TekniPlex group - an American group with more than 60 plastics processing companies.

In 2000, the company was renamed Tekni-Plex Europe nv.


Tekni-Plex Europe has built an international reputation in the aerosol, packaging, stationery, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and medical supply industries. By establishing this international client network, our products are distributed worldwide.

While our largest clients are located in Europe, our products also find their markets in Australia, China, India, Malaysia, and beyond.

Our business-to-business activities focus on manufacturing plastic components for aerosol and dispenser packaging, for the stationery market, and for medical tubing production, sealing materials for aerosol cans, screw caps, and high-quality film for blister packaging with high barrier properties.

Although our activities target a wide variety of industrial applications, there is significant interest in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and medical sectors.