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Employee testimonial



Maintenance Supervisor

My career at TekniPlex began in December 1996. I had barely found my way around the company and the atmosphere was immediately set by the St. Elooi celebration. And as if that wasn't enough, two weeks later we had the annual Christmas party. Strong traditions that still stand!

I started as a mechanic and progressed to the role of 'assistant foreman.'

Today I am Maintenance Supervisor within the Technical Department - leading a team of 20 dedicated employees, each with their own expertise and knowledge.

Within our team, a word or a glance is enough to understand each other. Our core values are respect, equality, and collegiality - three fundamental values that define the essence and strength of our team.

I'd definitely recommend working with us. As a maintenance technician, electromechanic, mechanic, or electrician, your days are very diverse. And you have a great deal of autonomy to successfully complete various tasks. Our company, with its high-quality technical installations, is a playground for anyone passionate about technology, mechanics, and more.
The way I see it, TekniPlex embodies the past, present and future. I've witnessed the evolution from 1 to 4 facilities here in Erembodegem and I am proud to contribute to this growth.


Finance manager

What I love about working at TekniPlex is that a 'typical day' is never typical. There's always something challenging happening, and even after all my years of experience in finance, every day is filled with new learning opportunities - in different disciplines due to the international character of the company - which contributes to my personal growth.

Another thing that impresses me is the attitude of the employees. I consistently feel a sense of company loyalty within my team, mixed with genuine satisfaction in the work.

The challenging work, opportunities for growth, combined with a great team spirit and work-life balance, make me look forward to starting each new workday with enthusiasm.


Quality coordinator

My career began as a Quality Engineer at this international supplier of custom-made and high-quality products.

TekniPlex's products find their way into countless applications and industries.

Being responsible for meticulous quality management is quite a challenging but fascinating task.

Looking back, I can say it has been a beautiful professional journey where I actively contributed to continuous quality improvement. The ongoing projects also provide a lot of variety and additional opportunities to develop skills and competencies further.

Recently, I was given the opportunity, resources, and trust of the company to grow into the role of Quality Coordinator.

I experience TekniPlex as a trusted environment with an open culture and a good atmosphere, where personal growth is one of the many possibilities this company has to offer.


Process operator

My initial work experiences were in retail and sales - something completely different from production. However, the transition was very smooth because the job content transcends pure production work. To truly excel in this job, a high quality awareness and understanding of production processes are crucial.

Within our department, we produce for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, so you know that the product passing through your hands can make a world of difference to the end user. This motivates me and my colleagues daily to think about the processes and work methodology. The awareness that my job and the way it's executed can mean so much is personally very important to me.

Additionally, I've found myself in a close-knit and strong team, where there's room for communication, collegiality, and mutual respect.


Safety officer

I had barely left the school bench when I received a phone call from TekniPlex. 

They wanted to meet me. And shortly after... they offered me a position as a safety officer.

TekniPlex is a large, industrial, and international player. 

Quite a challenge, indeed. But I was eager!

On the first day, I was a bit nervous, but the friendly atmosphere and collegiality quickly dispelled all uncertainties. Today I see the company as a place with lots of chances and space to learn and grow. Within this development and growth process, I can always count on the good advice and support of a few mentors with loads of experience.

The support and the good atmosphere make this company the place where I feel at home.


Operations manager

I see TekniPlex as a technologically advanced company with competent and enthusiastic employees who prioritize quality. We have extensive machinery that requires the necessary knowledge and skills to operate and maintain safely, enabling us to deliver the quality and innovation that we are known for to our customers every day.



Mold operator

When I chose TekniPlex, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I'm not someone who frequently changes jobs, so it was a significant decision for me, and it turned out to be the right one. 

From day one, I was warmly welcomed and supported by the team in a very collegial manner. That gave me peace of mind and confidence. And that's exactly what I find so strong about this company; the employee is at the center. The atmosphere is great, the team is close, and you can always turn to someone with your questions or problems.

Taking my career to a new direction was a big step... but definitely a step in the right direction.