Tekni-Plex Europe

Closer to everyday life than you think.

Invisible Performance

Most of our products are not easily detected because they are hidden in more complex packaging systems such as pumps, valves and closures.
Yet their performance is indispensable for the functioning of the packaging component. Our products make sure that your package does the job where it was designed for. Read more »


Indeed, the Tekni-Plex divisions in Europe are making products that are closer to everyday life than you think.

Invisible indeed, since practically no one realizes that the parts produced by our companies are built into products that we are using on a daily basis: an aerosol can, a trigger sprayer, a screw cap, a ballpoint pen, an infusion set in a hospital, a blister for pills, …

The components we produce can be split up in:


With their highly specialized products, the Tekni-Plex divisions are addressing themselves to the:

Recent news
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    Ecovadis gouden medaille
    Monday 21 March 2022

    Team Belgium heeft als eerste binnen de Tekni-Plex groep wereldwijd het Ecovadis gold label binnengehaald!  We hebben dit waardevol duurzaamheidslabel… Read More »

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    SDG Pioneer
    Friday 26 November 2021

    Proud to announce that we are awarded the SDG Pioneer certificate for our sustainable endeavours over the past 3 years.

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