Since 1955 already, Natvar is providing the medical device industry all over the world with many different medical tubing products.

With 3 medical tubing extrusion plants strategically located in the USA, Europe Natvar is probably the foremost custom medical tubing extruder in world.

Production and engineering resources are internationally co-ordinated, enabling us to establish the most cost effective methods geared to offer the best product answering the health care industry’s ever advancing needs and this at a competitive price.
The fact that Natvar tubing can be made in 3 different locations to the exact same product specification is an answer to those customers requiring a second source of supply. We take pride in these global production capabilities allowing our global customers make tubing specifications travel the oceans easily.

Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations regarding quality, service and engineering with materials such as flexible PVC, polyolefines, ABS, PETG, EVA, polystyrene, TPE and TPR. In addition, a whole family of non-DEHP and non-PVC tubings are available. Multi-layer tubing products or silicone replacement products offer unique solutions to unique problems. More specialties can be found on our website

Natvar is ready to supply you with the finest quality medical grade tubing. Our staff is always available to provide product information and help solve specific problems. We hope you will make use of our experience.

All Natvar plants are ISO certified in order to guarantee documented and certified quality complying to all product specifiations and standards. However, our commitment to quality does not end with the production environment and the end product. Delivery programmes, stock levels and production planning guarantee fast delivery of your custom made product.

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