Medical Tubing and Medical Grade PVC Compounds

Most of our tubing is flexible monolayer PVC tubing for large volume industries where certified high quality, consistancy, short lead times and high service level are important.

Some of you special applications may require one of following specialty tubes:

  • PVC anti-kinking tubing
  • silicone replacement tubing (Plasmed (r) SR-tubing (r)) for pump segments
  • flexible and glassclear non-PVC tubing
  • coextruded multilayer tubing PE/EVA/PVC, PVC/EVA, PVC/PVC
  • microbore tubing for volumetric flow control devices
  • large family of ph-thalate free tubing (non-DEHP)
  • UV-light protection tubing complying to USP VI light transmission rates
  • low shrink autoclavable tubing
  • multi-lumen tubing
  • para-tubing (double tubing)
  • custom printed tubing
  • X-Ray contrast tubing
  • glassclear laser weldable tubing

Also available is a wide range of PP, PE, PETG, EVA, ABS, TPE and TPR tubing for use in

  • catheters & guide wires
  • micro- pipettes
  • straws
  • protection tubes for hypodermic injection needles
  • connection tubes
  • port tubes
  • IUD’s

Natvar is organized and equipped to help you with your most sensitive applications.


Colorite has a full range of

  • medical injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding compounds
  • flexible or rigid
  • DEHP and DEHP-free
  • PVC or PVC-free (TPE)

We make high quality materials offering you better performance, a better end product and higher production efficiency.

An overview of the different Colorite material families:

  • clear extrusion materials
  • clear injection moulding materials
  • compounds with excellent gamma radiation resistance, also for the rigid materials
  • Elastichem, formulations with improved physical properties, and excellent resilience
  • Flexchem, silicone substitute
  • Self frosting compounds
  • Radiopaque compounds
  • Balloon cuff materials
  • Large choice in non-DEHP solutions
  • Large choice in non-PVC solutions

In addition Colorite Polymers has the capability to develop custom compounds tailored to specific equipment, application, and requirements. For world-class R&D capabilities, first-rate technical service, and responsive sales assistance, please contact us to discuss your unique application and the technical merits of our Colorite materials.


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